Software/Machine Learning Engineer

Company: Tula Technology Inc
Location: San Jose, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 24.MAY.2021


Electrical Engineering | San Jose, CA | Full Time Job Description About Us: Tula's core philosophy is built on the idea that every engine...


Electrical Engineering | San Jose, CA | Full Time

Job Description

About Us:

Tula's core philosophy is built on the idea that every engine or motor, whether gas, diesel or electric, has a so-called "sweet spot" of efficient operation. Tula's DSF and DMD control strategies are designed to have engines (both gasoline and diesel) and motors operate a greater percentage of time at (or near) their natural sweet spots, and in the process, fuel/energy is saved and emissions are reduced. Tula's DSF technology has been recognized by the International Council of Clean Transportation (ICCT) as being one of the technologies that are essential for helping global automakers meet fuel efficiency mandates. With more than 340 patents (issued and pending) we're focused on developing applications for passenger automobiles, commercial vehicles - both on and off road - and electric vehicles of any size.

Based in our San Jose, CA headquarters, the Software/Machine Learning Engineer will work on the end-to-end architecture, design, and development of machine learning projects for Tula's advanced engine control products. You will join an enthusiastic team of developers to innovative ML algorithms for Tula's next-generation engine efficiency technology.

  • Develop Neural Nets or other ML solutions like Gradient Boosted Models to implement Tula engine fault detection algorithms and auto-calibration methodology
  • Collaborate with other engineers on data collection, coding, and prototyping/testing
  • Develop code in a structured manner with top-down architectural specification, with testing requirement considered
  • Oversee data collection, including requirement, processing, and validating of data
  • Use best practices for software development, including functional specs, code reviews, revision control and unit testing


  • MS in CS or EE preferred with 3-5 years of industry experience
  • Experience in Automotive such as: combustion engines, electric motors, or battery management
  • Strong coding skills with emphasis on well-structured coding and test methodology
  • Experience in developing software for real-time applications (such as control or communications), and understanding of real-time processing issues
  • Experience working with customers both internal and external and organizing data collection efforts
  • Effective communication skills (both oral and written) and a positive, team-oriented attitude
  • Ability to work in a dynamic environment where initiative is a must, including the flexibility to work in multiple aspects of software release process.

Bonus Points:

  • Simulink/MATLAB or Python programming experience
  • Experience with available ML packages, like Scikit-learn, NumPy or PyTorch/TensorFlow
  • Aptitude for algorithmic development and/or implementation in Simulink or C
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