Software Engineer, Perception - Machine Learning Platform

Location: Fremont, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.JUN.2021
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Summary is a startup co-located in Silicon Valley and China, our mission is to revolutionize the future of transportation by building the sa...

Description is a startup co-located in Silicon Valley and China, our mission is to revolutionize the future of transportation by building the safest and most reliable technology for autonomous vehicles. Armed with the latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, we aim to deliver our technology at a global scale. We believe our work has the potential to transform lives and industries for the better.

In this role, you will

  • Feature engineering infra
  • Develop and maintain a set of frameworks, APIs and tools on top of Tensorflow that enable a fast research to production lifecycle
  • Provide tooling to help ML practitioners evaluate, debug, and improve ML algorithms, data and hyperparameters
  • Web app for managing data lineage, experiment / metadata / artifacts, visualizing metrics (P/R, custom metrics etc.) and data distribution
  • Collaborate with other Bets to productionize ML research (e.g. PBT, AutoML, Model/Data understanding, compression)
  • Apply software engineering rigor on ML (CI/CD, automation etc.)
  • Optimize everything around the nets (pruning, quantization etc.) and robotics system performance analysis / optimization through hardware/software co-play

  • BS, MS or PhD in Computer Science, similar technical field of study, or equivalent practical experience
  • Passion in making things run fast
  • Experience programming in Python or C++.
  • Elementary Tensorflow and Machine Learning knowledge

It's Preferred If You Have
  • Experience building and architecting large-scale, production quality backend systems, especially in applied machine learning or data pipeline
  • Familiar with TensorFlow
  • Familiar with parallel / distributed systems
  • Experience with modern web stack /data visualization techniques (e.g. Angular, JavaScript/TypeScript).
  • Experience with embedded / real time / robotics systems, and performance optimizations
  • Experience with machine learning compiler / runtime or GPU/AI accelerator
  • Experience/interest with ML acceleration ( compression, quantization, pruning etc.)
  • Experience with metrics and evaluation for large systems
  • SRE/Devops and passionate about applying software engineering best practices to ML

About, Inc. ("") is pursuing an ambitious vision for autonomous mobility. We aim to bring safe, sustainable, and accessible mobility to the entire world. We believe that autonomous technology can make our roads exponentially safer for travelers. Founded in late 2016, has been a pioneer in autonomous mobility technologies and services across the U.S. and China, spearheading public-facing Robotaxi pilots in both markets. The company is currently valued at $5.3B and some of its major investors include Toyota, OTPP, Sequoia Capital China, and IDG Capital.

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