Senior Product Manager, Machine Learning and Recommendation

Company: SmartNews
Location: San Francisco, California, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 04.AUG.2021


News can change the world, save lives, and bring us all closer together through empathy and understanding - but not if it isn't read. Out of...


News can change the world, save lives, and bring us all closer together through empathy and understanding - but not if it isn't read. Out of the hundreds of millions of articles and posts, how do we deliver the information that matters the most? How do we avoid the filter bubble of personalization and widen people's interests and knowledge?SmartNews is creating an entirely new model for the news industry. Our mission is to evaluate (in real-time) what makes a quality story and deliver the stories that matter to people who need it.We're not there yet, but we have a great head start. We're one of the very few pre-IPO, unicorns focused on the news with over 400 U.S. publisher partners. We have more than 20M+ monthly active users worldwide, billions of channel interactions, and article pageviews generated per month. Founded in Tokyo in 2012, SmartNews has become the go-to source of news for users around the world.About YouAs the product leader and scientist behind all features that drive user engagement through machine learning, you realize that the inventions you create will impact millions of users every day. The company depends on your team's ability to deliver personalized content to drive impact. You aren't intimidated by this, and you relish in the challenge of tackling these difficult problems. You're no ordinary product manager, some describe you as one of the most "technical" product managers they've ever worked with and at SmartNews, you'll fit right in. You've spent years working either as an engineer or as an academic working on machine learning. At SmartNews, machine learning is in our DNA, and it's in yours too! Since SmartNews analyzes massive data sets, across millions of users, timely recommendations are core to the business. You're excited to bring your deep expertise in recommendation systems to help people discover news about the world around them.As an experienced product manager who has seen how companies scale during hyper-growth phases, you look forward to bringing your experience to SmartNews and enjoy mentoring colleagues that are earlier in their career. Since machine learning and recommendations are core to the entire business, you're in the middle of many of the company's most important initiatives.Luckily, you have the experience working in a medium-sized company of 150-500 people, and you're comfortable with making things happen.You wake up every day, energized, knowing that you're delivering the news people want to read, widening the world's knowledge and interests along the way.Responsibilities Lead a cross-functional team including marketing, design, product, engineering, analytics, and business development as a product manager Create a product roadmap with clear goals, develop a product feature based on a hypothesis, and execute them from concept to release to iteration Leverage the latest research and commercial products in machine learning to identify new research and development opportunities to take the company to the next level Drive the product strategy for machine learning and recommendations systems that are metric and goal driven Conduct A/B tests that uncover new growth opportunities for SmartNews Translate user needs into problems we can solve "magically" through the power of big data and machine learning Mentor junior product managers across the company and be a global product thought leader at SmartNews Requirements 8+ years of experience as a Product Manager or similar position developing mobile apps Experience with high scale user-bases that exceed 1M users Experience with A/B testing approaches and advanced knowledge of statistics and probability Experience driving cross-functional projects across 6 or more teams Deep understanding of how to apply leading and lagging indicators to drive KPIs through the product-development lifecycle 5+ years experience operating in an Agile/Scrum environment Expert-level experience accessing information from source data using query languages Understanding of machine learning models designed for recommender systems at an academic level Advanced academic degree (M.S., PhD., etc.), or significant work experience in one or more of the following: Software development Machine learning development UI/UX research User behavior analysis Operations research

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