Machine Learning, Systematic Equities Strategies

Company: Thurn Partners
Location: Walton, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 06.JUN.2021
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Company Insight: The company is a software-first, multi-strategy fund which continues to retain its accolade as the most pioneering in the ...


Company Insight:

The company is a software-first, multi-strategy fund which continues to retain its accolade as the most pioneering in the research and technology space. They have set a precedent for trading markets autonomously in a highly profitable way, and leveraging the most intricate of Machine Learning techniques and prediction algorithms to do so.

Since Equities is the most data-affluent of asset-classes, the scope for new and enhanced models to conceptualize novel Equities strategies is immense. As such, the fund are looking to construct a fully systematic Equities pipeline which uses machine Learning end-to-end; everything from data ingestion to trading signal generation to risk and portfolio optimization will be handled by machine learning algorithms. The challenge is to model the idiosyncratic drivers for each stock individually, as well as creating models to detect the lying latent structures that make markets of stocks move together.

About The Role:

  • Join the centralized Machine Learning research group which is comprised of an amalgamation of individuals from big tech, medium tech and financial backgrounds, all of whom are algorithmically, mathematically and technologically world-class
  • Apply Natural Language Processing, Deep Learning and Bayesian & Signal Optimization techniques to find Alpha in the most challenging industry for Machine Learning
  • Analyse enormous datasets, including unconventional, unstructured data, to predict and test statistical market patterns
  • Distinguish patterns that are durable from those which are transient, and identify when and where patterns occur
  • Create a flexible pipeline where new ideas can be seamlessly implemented with rapidity

About You:

  • PhD or PhD candidate in machine learning, computer science, statistics, or a related field
  • Superb analytical and quantitative skills, along with a healthy streak of creativity
  • Demonstrated ability to conduct independent research utilizing large data sets
  • Curiosity about financial markets
  • Strong scientific programming in Python, R or Matlab

Further Context:

  • The company is one of the most reputable in the industry, and is recognized for leading innovation and technological development in automated trading by hiring only the most talented researchers
  • The company not only heavily invests in technology, but also their people. They have built an excellent culture where the best ideas win, and where it is ok to fail and learn
  • If you are up to the challenge, the company promises a highly competitive salary and a comprehensive benefits package


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