Machine Learning Engineer

Company: Accrete AI
Location: New York, New York, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 20.MAY.2021


Machine Learning & NLP Engineer- Full-time Position (Office Headquarters: Lower Manhattan, NY | U.S. Citizenship required) We are seekin...


Machine Learning & NLP Engineer- Full-time Position

(Office Headquarters: Lower Manhattan, NY | U.S. Citizenship required)

We are seeking a Machine Learning Engineer with NLP Skills to design, develop and implement python-focused development tasks and machine learning algorithms into production. The ideal candidate has a deep understanding of both statistical and machine learning technologies, Natural Language Processing complemented by the ability to deliver products on time.

In addition, the successful candidate can effectively communicate with both quantitative and qualitative arms of the company in order to understand business requirements and design innovative implementations of both statistical & machine learning methods. Lastly, he or she has a strong comprehension of data mining and predictive modeling, and how to apply machine learning methods, such as, ensemble learning, deep learning, unsupervised clustering, natural language processing to company data to make actionable and explainable business decisions.

Accrete is a fast-growing enterprise software company powered by decades of proprietary artificial intelligence development. The founders combined their experience and patents four years ago to start Accrete, and we were off to the races. Today our team is 50+ members strong and we have delivered major solutions to name brand companies in music/entertainment, finance, collectibles and government.

About You

  • Have a U.S. Citizenship
  • Must have at least a Master's degree, preferably in Computer Science or Mathematics
  • Highly experienced in designing, building and shipping scalable and production-quality machine learning algorithms in the field of Python applications
  • Working knowledge and experience in NLP core components (NER, Entity Disambiguation, etc)
  • In-depth expertise in Data Munging and Storage (Experienced in SQL, NoSQL, MongoDB, Graph Databases)
  • Expertise in writing scalable APIs for machine learning models
  • Experience with maintaining code logs, task schedulers, and security
  • Working knowledge of machine learning techniques, feed-forward, recurrent and convolutional neural networks, entropy models, supervised and unsupervised learning
  • Experience with at least one of the following: Keras, Tensorflow, Caffe, or PyTorch
  • Strong willingness and aptitude for learning new concepts and analytical approaches
  • Knowledge in the area of information retrieval, search engine principles and semantic search
  • Experience in Relation Extraction and Information Extraction


  • Work on execution and scheduling of all tasks related to assigned projects' deliverable dates
  • Optimize and debug existing codes to make them scalable and improve performance
  • Design, development and delivery of tested code and machine learning models into production environments
  • Work effectively in teams, managing and leading teams
  • Provide effective, constructive feedback to the delivery leader
  • Manage client expectations and work with an agile mindset with machine learning and AI technology
  • Design and prototype data driven solutions

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