Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Research Engineer

Company: Southern Methodist University
Location: Dallas, Texas, United States
Type: Full-time
Posted: 13.AUG.2021


Salary Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications Job Summary In the SMU Data Science & Research Hub, the support team ensures t...


Salary commensurate with experience and qualifications
Job Summary
In the SMU Data Science & Research Hub, the support team ensures that our research partners stay at the leading edge of technology by identifying, demonstrating, extending, and applying emerging technologies to solve real research problems. We currently work in the fields of data science, Internet of Things, advanced computing, and applied artificial intelligence and machine learning-areas that are changing and progressing rapidly. As we show our research partners how new technologies can improve their capabilities through rapid prototyping and iterative development, we both rely on and help shape academic and institutional research at SMU.
As a research enabler focusing on artificial intelligence and machine learning, you will identify, shape, apply, conduct, and lead research projects that matches critical academic needs. You will be responsible for building and scaling SMU's next generation artificial intelligence and machine learning shared service in support of fast-growing research needs.
Are you creative, curious, energetic, collaborative, technology-focused, and hard-working? Are you interested in making a difference by bringing innovation to academic research and beyond? Apply to join our team.
Essential Functions

  • Hands-on research: You'll conduct consultations and lead novel research projects in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence.
  • Solution development: You'll collaborate with and lead interdisciplinary teams to build and grow research prototypes to solve cutting-edge, real-world problems for research and institutional stakeholders.
  • Strategy: You'll work with OIT and SMU leaders and colleagues to plan, develop, and carry out an overall research strategy, and to influence the University's research agenda regarding future technology.
  • Collaboration: You'll actively participate on teams of software data scientists, developers, researchers, and technical leads. You'll build relationships and support researchers, students, and other SMU stakeholders to understand and to address challenges, needs, possible solutions, and research deliverables.
  • Mentoring: You'll contribute to improving the overall technical capabilities of the SMU by mentoring and teaching others, participating in design (software and otherwise) sessions, and sharing insights and wisdom across the OIT Data Science & Research Hub support team.
Job Requirements:
Education and Experience
A Master's degree in Computer Science, Data Science, Informatics, Engineering, or related discipline with three (3) years of experience; OR PhD in the same fields with one year of experience in a relevant discipline is required for this position.
Required experience:
  • Proven experience in machine learning, deep learning, active learning, and/or transfer learning to solve practical AI problems
  • Experience in developing container-based systems.
  • A wide array of experience with machine learning is required (both supervised and unsupervised) and Bayesian techniques and probabilistic programming is desirable.
  • Experience using version control software (e.g., Git, SVN, Mercurial).
  • Knowledge of building distributed systems (e.g. MapReduce, Hadoop, or Spark) or distributed search engine (e.g. Lucene, ElasticSearch, or Solr) for analytics
  • Knowledge of data modeling in relationship databases (e.g. MySQL, PostgreSQL, Snowflake, etc.) and/or NoSQL databases (e.g. ElasticSearch, MongoDB, Columnar databases, etc.)
Desired Experience
  • Track record of conducting research and leading projects in machine learning and artificial intelligence. A reputation for the highest level of research and technical integrity. Demonstrated contributions and published research.
  • Ability to design and enable AI infrastructure to efficiently support predictive modeling and analytics tasks on research and institutional data
  • Familiar with technical challenges and emerging trends in computing and information science, and awareness of opportunities in industry and research
  • Research in applied machine learning and artificial intelligence. Previous work with tools, techniques, algorithms, software, and programming languages for deep learning, reinforcement learning, statistics, sensors and sensor fusion, planning, computer vision, or related areas.
  • Familiarity with the process of formulating research proposals to funding agencies and an appetite to obtain these types of awards
Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Communication and Collaboration: Strong written and verbal communication skills and can interact collaboratively and diplomatically with customers and colleagues. Grasps the big picture, direction, and goals of an effort while focusing great attention to detail. Ability to present complex ideas to people who may not have a deep understanding of the subject area.
Dedication: Ability to meet deadlines while multi-tasking-sometimes under pressure and with shifting priorities.
Creativity and Innovation: Creative and curious, and inspired by the prospect of collaborating with researchers and visionaries at SMU and other communities and organizations. Ability to quickly learn new procedures, techniques, and approaches. Forward-looking and can connect research with practical challenges.
Knowledge and Learning: Possess broad technical interests along with a deep knowledge of a particular field such as human-computer interaction, data analytics and machine learning, advanced computing, and autonomous and adaptive systems.
Required Skills
  • Ability to self-manage, work independently and meeting deadlines
  • Critical thinking skills
  • Willingness to learn and ability to learn quickly
  • Teamwork mentality and skill set
  • Strong communication, interpersonal and analytical skills
  • Perform in the fast-paced environment of a rapidly growing research & data science support group
  • Quickly understand new technology areas and manage and adapt to rapidly changing customer needs
  • Work in a team-oriented environment
  • Participate in multiple technical projects at once (typically 3 or 4 projects simultaneously)
  • Execute work, summarize results, and prepare reports (as required)
  • Communicate well verbally and in writing
  • Apply proactive and reactive problem-solving skills
  • Think analytically and communicate complex ideas to peers having different technical backgrounds
  • Participate in critical design reviews
  • Prepare estimates and technical input for bids and proposals
  • Proficient with Linux/Unix operating systems
  • Proficient with algorithm development/programming in Python, R, or C/C++
  • Knowledge of GPU programming
Physical/Environmental Demands
  • Stand
  • Walk for long distances
  • Reach above shoulders
  • Handle objects (dexterity)
  • Carry/Lift 25lbs
  • Sit for long periods of time
Deadline to Apply
This position is open until filled.
SMU will not discriminate in any program or activity on the basis of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, genetic information, veteran status, sexual orientation, or gender identity and expression. The Executive Director for Access and Equity/Title IX Coordinator is designated to handle inquiries regarding nondiscrimination policies and may be reached at the Perkins Administration Building, Room 204, 6425 Boaz Lane, Dallas, TX 75205, , .

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